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Green Deal Assessment

When you book a Green Deal Assessment through Green Deal Measures, an Assessor will spend around two hours taking a complete look at both the energy efficiency of your home and how you use energy. The survey will help you understand your home’s energy efficiency,  assess how you and the people living there use it and recommend energy  saving improvements that are right for your home.

What your Green Deal Assessment contains:  


Energy Performance Certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) allows you to understand your home's current energy efficiency performance by measuring the energy  use and carbon dioxide emissions and giving you a rating (A -€ G).

How You Use Energy

The Occupancy Assessment looks at how the people living in your home  use energy, compared to a typical household. Using standard measures,  the Green Deal Advisor will rate your energy use as low, typical or  high. To do this the assessment will take into account information about your heating, hot water, appliances and lighting.

What happens next

Your Green Deal Advisor will take you through the report explaining  the different elements and what they mean for you and your home and  where you can expect to make savings and which products would be  suitable through impartial advice.

How to get a green deal?

You can arrange to have a Green Deal Assessment for £99 by calling us now. This is the first step in the Green Deal journey and will help you work out what improvements you could do to  save energy. We will be launching Green Deal Finance shortly, meaning  you can get the improvements installed and pay through your electricity  bill, as you save. Giving you time to plan everything you need to a  warmer and more energy efficient home.