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Questions about Cavity Wall Insulation

How is the insulation installed?

The insulation is blown into the cavity at low pressure through a  series of holes drilled through the outer brickwork. These holes are  usually 20mm in diameter and are drilled between the bricks at a spacing of about a metre apart. They will be filled with mortar after the cavity has been filled.

How long will it take?

A normal house will take around two and a half hours to insulate fully, though obviously a larger house may take longer.

Will the work be guaranteed?

Yes, for a period of 25 years. The guarantee is provided by CIGA. CIGA are the Cavity Wall Insulation Guarantee Agency.

Will the existing ventilators still function?

Yes our Technicians will ensure that all ventilation present before the installation is maintained throughout and after the installation.  The wall insulation installers will check all under floor vents, room  vents and cavity vents and sleeve them if necessary. This is done by  inserting orange plastic brushes into the opening of the vent thus  preventing the vent opening from being filled with material. These  brushes stay in place after the insulation has been installed.
Combustion vents for fires and boilers are checked for sleeves. If  these are inadequate they will be replaced. If there is an appliance  that needs additional air supply such as a wood burner or open fire this ventilation will be provided via a vent installed through an external  wall.

Questions about Loft Insulation

How is the insulation laid?

The insulation will be laid in two layers. The first between the  joists and the second layer across the joists. The loft hatch will also  be insulated as will any tanks and pipes that have insufficient or no  lagging. We must stress that once our Technicians have finished, the  joists will not be visible and recommend that you do not access the loft space without the use of crawling boards.

How long will it take?

A normal sized loft will be insulated within an hour, however if  the roof has a very low pitch and the access to the corners is very  difficult, or for very large bungalows, you should expect it to take a little longer.

What preparation is needed before the works?

Boarded areas and all goods are required to be removed from the loft prior to installation. If you cannot or do not want to remove the  boards from the loft space it is standard industry best practice to lay the insulation over the boards.
Our Technicians are fully equipped with ladders, lights, dust sheets etc.

Is ventilation affected?

Our Technicians will ensure that there is sufficient ventilation  through the eaves by retaining the material a suitable distance from the eaves allowing suitable airflow. Any down lighters or spotlights will  also be left with sufficient air circulation. Normal household wires  will be covered by the material as it is perfectly safe to do so.