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Energy Saving Tips


Your hot water thermostat should be set to 60°c/140°f, and turning down your central heating by 1°c can reduce your heating bills by 10%. (Trust us, you look good in a sweater!).

Hot water 

  1. You could reduce your hot water use by taking showers instead of baths
  2. Washing clothes at lower temperatures (eg, 30°c) should still get them clean and save you money. Doing full loads rather than half loads is also a more efficient way of using your washing machine - the same goes for the dishwasher.



  1. When replacing an appliance, consider choosing an energy efficient A rated model
  2. One of the most effective and well known ways of reducing your consumption is to switch your regular light bulbs for energy saving bulbs. They last longer and use less energy, so if you change all the light bulbs in your house you could see big savings.
  3. Only use what you need and turn off what you don't
  4. When boiling a kettle, don't just fill it up. Only boil enough water for your needs. If you are charging a mobile phone or laptop, switch off the charger when the battery is full and unplug the power supply (which will otherwise continue to bleed electricity). When you don't need the towel rail, turn it off. It's all common sense and with a bit of discipline you can save real cash.
  5. Leaving appliances in standby is a mistake If you don't believe us - just open up your TV cabinet and feel the heat that is being generated by your gadgets while they are supposedly sleeping. Many of them will use only marginally less power than when they are in actual use. And we know it's an old hat, but still true: 10% of a typical household bill goes on paying for lighting. Turn off the lights when you're leaving the room.
  6. Defrosting your freezer can increase its energy efficiency. When the ice inside builds up to more than a ¼ inch thick, this can prevent the door seal from performing correctly and the cold air that your freezer is working hard to generate will escape into your home.